Saturday, 8 November 2014


Well, here it is. The first post to the blog ever. We'll be honest,  the creation of this blog is the spontaneous result of an everyday phone call. Our aim? Our target audience? Our content you ask? Well, that - certainly over the initial few posts - will appear somewhat impromptu and slightly arbitrary as we haven't quite worked it out yet...Yet.

Even the title was flippant and offhand, named after the chit-chat we have as a couple daily.
Let's say the goal is to express every day experiences and thoughts on a platform that can be accessed by those interested - and hopefully make it interesting enough to read, from start to finish. Let's say the aim is to educate people on topics that we find fascinating and love talking about. Let's say the intention is to review and analyze food, drinks, nightlife, cinema, fashion, events, travel and some other stuff. The stuff we love. We both live in Glasgow, and that's predominantly where most of the content will draw towards.
A little about us perhaps? Sure. Ladies first. A woman.


Hello, I'm Catherine! I’m twenty-one and in my final year at Uni studying languages – Italian and French. I’ve lived in Glasgow all my life, although I spent a year in Italy when I was nineteen, turning twenty. Based in Sicily and then Veneto for a while, I taught English as a foreign language. I'm certainly a independent and outgoing individual; yet this was a massive challenge for me. For the first time I had the realisation that after graduation, I can apply myself to do anything that I want. That’s implying I have some plans and ambitions, but plans can always change and I'll stay open to any opportunities that come my way. I have been fortunate enough to travel  a lot ever since I was little, and I’m sure this is why I’ve become so passionate about travel and immersing myself in other cultures. However, if I wasn't as fortunate to be granted this luxury, I think I would still have caught the bug somehow! A career in travel is ultimately my goal, and the dream for a long time now has been to become a pilot. Enough about myself, how about I hand you over to the SO. A man.


Hey, I'm Giuliano! I'm a twenty-one year old bar manager who has been living in Glasgow now for almost four years. I initially moved to the city from a small underprivileged town to pursue the degree MSc Chemical Engineering with Applied Chemistry, however from the get-go I realised that it wasn't what I had an interest in, and more-so not how I wanted to spend the next five years of my academic life or entirety of my working life. After some debating with myself, I decided to leave after my second year and fell in to my current occupation via part time work I carried out during my studies. The hospitality industry may be exceptionally different from Chemical Engineering, but it's something I have a passion for and now have the ambition to open my own bar. I'd describe myself as a jack of all trades, master of none - well, some as not to discredit myself. You name it, I've probably tried my hand at it and been successful to a certain degree. I'll typically lose interest in something if it's not keeping me fixated or excited. I'm half Italian, yet don't speak a single word of the language. You can make assumptions regarding my interests from the opening parse of this post, as that's what we hope to talk about! Positivity is something that I'd say I connote as an individual, on a daily basis I get asked why I'm always smiling but it just seems to be my resting face. I could ramble on all day, but I'm sure you'll get to know me a lot better via reading our blog.

 A couple. 
We met through a mutual friend, let's just say the attraction was instantaneous. After a few months of dating we decided to make it official - now we're happy together.

Thanks for having a read at our first post! We promise to try and be as active as we possibly can and at the very least we will get one in depth, great quality post up each week. Thanks! Cultured Conversation. Their blog.